Information to Share With Candidates

OPRESCAS is not just a tool to accept applications, but also a great way to share relevant information with candidates.  Based upon a survey of residency directors and past residency program candidates, the Top 10 pieces of information requested are:

  1. What patient populations does the facility serve?
  2. Does the clinic offer any learning opportunities that make it unique from other residency programs?
  3. What is the residency program’s approach to training?
  4. How many locations or clinical settings do residents have the opportunity to gain exposure to?
  5. Do residents have the opportunity to participate in fabrication or a more technically oriented rotation?
  6. How many mentors does the residency program have?
  7. What qualities does the residency program seek in a strong candidate?
  8. Do residents have the opportunity to stay on for the opposite discipline if pursuing a 12 month orthotic or 12 month prosthetic residency?
  9. What is the timeline for contacting candidates and when will positions be offered to the individuals chosen for the position?
  10. What is the name, title, and email address of the person who is best able to provide information about the program not already provided?