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The Centralized Application Service for Orthotic and Prosthetic Residency Programs

Introducing: OPRESCAS, the centralized application service for orthotic and prosthetic residency applications brought to you through a partnership between the National Commission on Orthotic and Prosthetic Education (NCOPE) and Liaison, the leading provider of higher education admissions management and developer of OPCAS, the Orthotic & Prosthetic Centralized Application System used for application to practitioner programs.

OPRESCAS is a full service, web-based application system that allows residency candidates to apply to multiple residency programs via a single web-based application while simultaneously streamlining the selection  process for O&P residency program directors and staff.  Resources for both residency candidates and residency sites can be accessed via this web page.

Please note that participation in OPRESCAS is a requirement for all NCOPE Accredited Residency Programs based upon the NCOPE Residency Standards and each facility must participate on the OPRESCAS system during its current cycle on the year that initial accreditation or re-accreditation is awarded.  Residency programs are also more than welcome to join the OPRESCAS system prior to the year of their re-accreditation cycle.

OPRESCAS will also open and close on an annual basis to allow for system upgrades and provide residency programs the opportunity to share their most up-to-date information.  The 2017-2018 cycle opened on 11/14/2017 and will remain open through 7/31/2018.  Any residency program that accepts applications during the 2017-2018 cycle not already registered with OPRESCAS should begin the process of adding their program by selecting the “Sign Up Now” button located on the right-hand side of this page.

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