Best Practices for Using OPRESCAS / WebAdmit

1) Make sure email about OPRESCAS is getting routed to your inbox correctly and perform the actions requested.

  • White list the following domain “”  “”  “”
  • Keep your eyes peeled from NCOPE’s trusted partners at Liaison:
    • Melissa Keaveney
    • Megan Marshall
  • When prompted to configure your program or perform other actions, please do so as soon as possible.

2) Make sure every person involved with selecting residents has appropriate access to WebAdmit and can see the applicants.  

3) Include the information candidates most want to know about the program and provide contact info for a mentor or the program director that is best able to answer questions about the learning opportunities in the program.  

4) In addition to providing the information about the program you wish to share with candidates, include additional information and introductory text by selecting “Branding” from with the configuration portal and then editing the “Instructions” section:

5) Turn on the pages/features you want candidates to utilize by selecting “Editor” from within the Configuration portal:

6) Visit the WebAdmit Portal and check on applications periodically.  We recommend not allowing more than 1 week to pass as during busy times of your, multiple applications can be received in a single week.  

  • Remember, WebAdmit DOES NOT send an email to the program director or organization’s users when an application is received.  

7) You can see the view that is provided to candidates by selecting the icons under the “PREVIEW” column when visiting the “Program Details” page in configuration portal:

  • If no icon is present for a specific “OPTION” that is due to not enabling the proper “Pages” explained in #5 above.

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