OPRESCAS / WebAdMIT Glossary

Configuration Portal – Configuration Portal is where residency program staff identify what type of residency program(s) will be offered during the current cycle and what information will be shared between the candidates and the residency program.  Common features setup using configuration portal includes: Information for Candidates, required documents (such as resumes), instructor evaluations and questions for candidates.

Cycle – The period of time that candidates can apply for a residency program.  Typical cycle run Sept – July/August of the subsequent calendar year.  Established residency programs must submit their program each cycle once application and start dates are revised.

Evaluations – Evaluations can be requested from the applicants current/past instructors.  To enable this option, please select the “Evaluations” option inside of Configuration Portal.

OPRESCAS – OPRESCAS is the abbreviation for the Orthotic & Prosthetic Residency Common Application Service.  OPRESCAS is the portal used by prospective residents to apply for Orthotic & Prosthetic Residency Program positions.  OPRESCAS is administered by NCOPE’s trusted partner, Liaison International.

Users – Users are persons who have access to the WebAdmit platform who are involved with the selection of candidates for a residency program.  Users can be added at no cost and even assigned to specific programs or residency cycles.

WebAdMIT – WebAdMIT is the website used by residency program faculty and staff to share information about their program and view candidates using the OPRESCAS.  WebAdmit is accessible by visiting: https://webadmit.org