Do I Have Access to OPRESCAS?

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1) If you residency program was accredited OR re-accredited since 7/1/2017, more than likely your organization already has an account to access the system.

  • To see if you already have access to the system, visit: and login.   
  • If you don’t know your password, you may reset it from the same website.   

2) If you couldn’t access the system, reach out to the Megan Marshall, the OPRESCAS Client Success Manager. 

She can identify if your organization has an account and can guide you through the appropriate steps if you do not.  



  • The Hanger Clinic residency sites do not need to participate in OPRESCAS at this time.  Applications are handled through the National Residency Program Portal.  Contact Doug Reber, CO for further info.
  • The Department of Veterans Affairs does participate, but it is coordinated through the national office.  Please contact Martin McDowell, CPO to determine how to get your local VA residency added to the system.