Applicant FAQ

The information posted to OPRESCAS is lacking and there is no information about who to contact with questions at the residency site.  How do I find this out?

What are the benefits of using OPRESCAS versus simply applying to each program as was done in the past?
There are many benefits to using the OPRESCAS platform, which are summarized below:

  • An efficient and convenient way to apply to multiple residency programs using a single web-based application
  • A comprehensive online checklist and instructions to easily navigate the application process
  • Eliminates the need to duplicate transcripts and letters of evaluation for students applying to more than one residency program
  • Provides a real-time status tool for checking the status of applications, transcripts and letters of evaluation online
  • Decreases the chance for errors and omissions by applicants through the use of validation rules in the web application
  • Provides savings in terms of time
  • Throughout the cycle, applicants are provided with assistance from knowledgeable support staff at a single point of contact

When does the OPRESCAS system open for individuals seeking to start positions in 2018-2019 cycle?
The system formally opens on September 14, 2018 at 12PM.

I was expecting to see a larger number of residency sites in OPRESCAS, is the system working appropriately?
Yes, the OPRESCAS system is working fine.  Participating sites need to configure their account in order to become visible to candidates and only sites that are currently accepting applications will be visible.  Please check back regularly as additional sites are being added to OPRESCAS throughout the year. 

How do I or can I apply to sites that are not available in OPRESCAS?
NCOPE offers multiple resources to help individuals seeking a residency including an entire site dedicated to the needs of residents:

How do I find out which programs will be participating in the next or upcoming cycle?
Registration for OPRESCAS is free and you can view the sites currently accepting applications as well as sites accepting applications in the future by selecting the “Add a Program” tab once you have your account successfully created.  Please remember to visit frequently as residency sites can be added at any time.

The residency program would like my instructor to complete an evaluation form.  How does that work?

If the program chose to perform instructor evaluations through OPRESCAS, you will provide your instructors email address and a copy will be sent to them digitally.

I already know what facility I am doing my residency at. Do I still need to apply via OPRESCAS?
Yes, so long as the program is participating in the OPRESCAS system.

When I create an account in OPRESCAS, am I automatically enrolled with NCOPE to participate in residency?
No, you are only accepted after you are offered a formal residency position.  Once you accept the position, you can learn more about your responsibilities to starting a residency by visiting:

Must I complete a separate registration form to notify NCOPE of the residency program that I am attending?
Yes, participation of OPRESCAS to solicit and accept a resident position does not automatically register you as a resident to NCOPE.  You can access the registration form for NCOPE here:

What are the fees associated with the use of OPRESCAS and what is the preferred method of payment?
NCOPE is pleased to subsidize in full the first three (3) applications for all prospective residents.  After the initial three applications, each additional application has a cost of $25 payable by credit card.

When I sign in to OPRESCAS, it does not allow me to select the name of the degree being awarding by the O&P school I am attending (MSOP, MSPO, MPO).  What should I do?
Select “Other Bachelor, Master, Doctorate.”

I am looking to apply for a Master’s level degree in orthotics & prosthetics, should I be looking into residency right now?
Each year residency programs are added and removed from the system and in order to be eligible you must complete a Masters Level CAAHEP/NCOPE or ISPO Category I program that meets the requirements outlined in the NCOPE Residency Standards.

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